The Middle Man

"For farmers, this grass roots approach of bringing fresh, locally-sourced foods to Tucson's restaurants is a new model that helps farmers focus on growing high quality produce, giving back valuable time, while Pivot fills the marketing and distribution gap."

-Mitchell Riley Arizona Public Media (April 27, 2017)

Pivot Produce brings area farms to Tucson restaurants

"Stanford is so willing to put the work into it that he quit his full-time day job and makes ends meet with a couple part-time cooking gigs. He spends the rest of the time reaching out to farmers as far away as Benson’s SouthWinds Farm and the San Xavier Co-op Farm on the Tohono O’odham Nation near Sells to a handful of Tucson farms, including Breckenfeld Family Growers on the southwest side and the small Dreamflower Garden in midtown."

-Cathalena E. Burch, Arizona Daily Star (December 28, 2016)


Pivot Produce Bridges the Gap

"Fostering trusted relationships with local farmers and chefs has been an integral part of Pivot Produce’s success. Before Stanford approached them, both farmers and chefs were discouraged with their past experiences as difficulty coordinating purchases and pick-ups had led to false promises and disintegrated agreements. After months of successful purchases, deliveries, and dinners around his clients’ tables, Stanford has rebuilt the trust of many farmers and chefs who were ready to abandon the idea of selling and sourcing locally."

- Shelby Thompson, Edible Baja Arizona (December 7, 2016)


A Food What?

"Establishing relationships similar to the ones Stanford did at 5 Points requires a huge amount of time and logistical coordination from farmers and chefs who are already very busy on the field and in the kitchen. By acting as a go-between, Pivot will work with farms and restaurants to ensure that the needs of both are met."

- Laura Horley, Tucson Weekly (April 21, 2016)


Pueblo Vida and Pivot Produce Present CSA+C

"The fleshed-out version of CSA+C involves a lot more than just adding beer to a regular CSA share. Stanford emphasizes the goal is specifically to encourage more engagement in the local food scene."

-Kate Selby, Edible Baja Arizona (August 8, 2016)